Berlin-revisited: Palace Sans Souci and Gardens and the Reichstag (parliament building)

Maybe you haven't been convinced yet to risk a trip to Germany's capital, though Berlin isn't only for people who want to experience this vibrant city. Despite my hay fever we jumped onto a subway, rode 20 minutes out of town heading south and *bang* arrived in Potsdam, where we rented bikes (nextbike.de). It's just a 5 minute bicycle tour to the huge royal gardens and palaises of San Souci!

Neuer Palast 

Normannischer Turm

I guess you have noticed by now that this former royal property is a very big area, so I highly recommend to go by bike and not just per pedes (by foot), if you're no fit hiker. (Several spread public toilets and one restaurant are provided)

And don't forget to order the local speciality Berliner Weisse (beer brand) mit Waldmeister oder Himbeersirup (with sweet woodruff or raspberry sirup).

Of course the quite new and walk-on-able cupola or dome of the Reichstag is a very well worth seeing sight, though it needs a bit planning. The access is only provided if you register for a visit (at least 3days ahead, online) and there are security checks like the ones at airports, but you get a beautiful 360° view apon the city and much information via self-guided audio tour if you like (Other guided tours can be booked in addition).

The Reichstag is only a few foot steps away from this famous archway: das Brandenburger Tor.
And believe it or not: It was even famous before Barack Obahma (finally) visited us in June 2013 ;)

If you're hungry simply eat at this food stall directly located between these two sights and order: WURST (sausage)!

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