The Venus' trap

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Venus fly trap with young frog
*So, Valentine’s day has just passed and everything is back to normal in most relationships, unless he or she didn’t miss the opportunity to express one’s love to the other. But know it’s time to deal with one of the most explosive situations between men and women: The Do-I-look-good-in this-Question! One may or may not believe in the Christian story about Eve seducing Adam to take a bite from the apple of insight (right term?), though this daily tragedy between couples is definitively real. Let me describe what I exactly mean: She and He are getting dressed to leave for some kind of date. Now, it’s almost a natural rule that She can’t decide herself what to wear and therefore asks his opinion. And this is were it gets dangerous! What is he supposed to say? If he rejects her current choice She will most likely, be offended and won’t talk to him all evening/ day long, though a well-meant compliment will probably arouse suspicion on her side. How can she be sure that you’re being honest and not just impatient? After all she has a reputation to loose…or at least that’s what she thinks.
A psychologist questioned on this matter gives the following advice:
Your answer should be truthful but always contain a positive remark towards her body.
To clarify this statement consider the following example of mine: 
“Babe, (or whatever term of endearment you use for your girlfriend or wife) you know I love your figure, but these pants don’t seem right. You should choose a pair that puts more emphasize on your already endless and sexy legs.”
            Well, what do you think? Could this really be an effective strategy for this highly-explosive situation? Have you developed and explored a different technique? Please share your good or bad experiences with me and your fellow-readers.

*This picture shows a plant called a venus flytrap eating a frog.

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